Driver’s License

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“Ok….take the right…”

The whirring screech as I turned the wheel, I looked broadside and see the side of the building. I tighten my grip as I kept the wheel steady. It turned, it curved, ok, I was in this lane now. I really hope I get this license. At nineteen a man should be able to drive. But I failed the last time, turning was a struggle back then. Even now I still suck at turning, right now I was sure this invigilator thought I was turning too slow.

The man did not react or anything. He looked straight ahead. His face was blank and lacked any emotion. Well, at least I made that turn properly. But was it? I could not be sure, it seemed too close to the sidewalk.

This road was longer, the buildings like blocks stood resoundingly small. The skylight blue hovered over the landscape with relish. Watching everything, the blowing of the tree’s leaves, people going about on their way to where ever they needed to be. Horns, a car overtakes me. Traveling too slowly I see. That was fine, I was just learning anyway.

I felt it was going to be harder once I reached near the outskirts of the city. It was under the might of the evening sun, it was getting close to rush hour for the escaping workforce. The escape to home life, I almost snickered as I took another turn at the direction of the invigilator’s hand.

This one went well. I guess I could say I was improving. But I rather be home right now. Still, it would be nice just to be able to drive and go anywhere. No one holding you down, everyone wants that. That freedom, you can only get it when you go up in the world.

I stop at a stop light. Noises raise high and rapid with the laughter, children. The uniforms looked neat, a sea of brown with blue. I wondered what school it was, as the corner of my eye catches the green light. I push foot to gas and the car wakes, the mechanisms surge as the car follows behind another.

The car in front shoots forward, I keep my speed steady. Do not want to make the invigilator feel I am a speed hog. Not that I would not push my car to the limit when I am ready. Something small rolls in the road, I let my foot off the gas.

Something else rushes in front, I put foot to brakes, the jerks to a stop. My head whips forward as a vicious sound sears the silence. All I hear is shouting, female voice. I look at the invigilator, who is looking at me bemused. We both look around in fright. But it was clear as the back window was covered by the almost black sheen of the trunk door.

Great, I was rear-ended. I shake my head in frustration, as my left-hand wipes my face in exaggerated panic. I cannot believe this happened.

“You ok?” The man asks with a tense voice.


“Ya, I think so.” I replied.

I was trying to look behind me but In my mind, I could not shake it. Something made me stop. I return vision towards in front of me. Nothing was there, was I imagining things?

Once I got outside, this women, dark but pretty, her face was straight and quite mature looking. She thanked me and was speaking way too fast for me to follow. A boy was beside her, his head down in shame. It took a while but I finally found out this boy dropped his toy and in his moment of stupid foresight ran into the road.

That meant I almost hit him. Honestly, I saw the toy first and reacted off instinct. I remember that, if I was still going at the normal speed I might not have stopped in time. The invigilator was just glad the young boy was safe.

The driver who rear-ended me insulted me, the woman and the child. Wondering who was going to pay for his car. Calling me an idiot, I just saved a life and I am an idiot? I ignored him after a while. The police that came eventually silenced him. But I knew in the back of my mind I was not going to get my license.

Two months past, I did not get into trouble. The child’s mother decided she would pay for the damage to the car I was being tested in. She was supposed to help the other driver too. But from what I heard she straight up excommunicated the other driver.

Serves him right, he was an asshole. He can pay it himself. Which reminds me, I said I would go get ice cream for my sister today. Taking out my wallet, I look for how much money I have left. Hmmm, one hundred dollars, that can do for one cup. Anyways, I cannot argue much, I flip the front side towards me and see my smiling face on my new driver’s license.

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