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“You want me to….”

“Look man this is not a option, it’s tonight man, we have one chance. He is not even there.”

Moving my hand I lay my thumb on my chest, “I always have an option.”

I glance at him as we shiver in anticipation of the moment and what could happen if heads nod down to the place of damnation.

“Look I came to your house because you were with it. What happen, you chickening out on me? Man Davis you are a coward, you always talking big but now you are flexing like a little girl.”

“Luke, it ain’t like that, I….look I feel you but I never expected things to change. Things happen alright! I got a nice thing going on. We were planning this out for months. Yes I was with you, Peter and Eron. Even when I was riding straight I was still helping you.”

“So what are you coming or not?”

Across from my friend of many years, I could only struggle to speak. But decisions like this required quickness.

Haste, I was never good at replicating.

“Davis are you coming or not?” Luke asked incredulously. Waving my eyes on him, I twist my head from right to left.

“No, I do not want to go to jail.”

“Man, you a bitch.”

He turned and left with just that. But what was I suppose to do, say yes? Sure I could do that, I could also go on a house heist and get visited by FBI when the heat has not even died down. Life has a way of coming back to hunt you for past choices. The past can also teach you things.

The past has that effect.

I was determined to learn from my past. So I said no. No matter how I figure it, there were too much unknowns to committing that crime, breaking into that man’s house. I have done a lot of faith and hope driven plans in my past, but I was too ambitious for my own good.

I was always looking for a way out. This plan, robbing some rich business executive’s house seemed to be a high peak above the usual drug polluted hill we used to climb. Then I got a job, a good one that seems to give me much room to improve.

This was steady, it was secure. It was already decided in my mind. My ambition can wait, I chose my road. It was not the smoothest road to travel, rife with bush and dangers like any life on the street. Other people taking this road may not like me and would love to derail me. For now I will follow it. Going back to sleep, work would have me waking in the morning as was customary.

Swift pouring as the liquid hits the Chinese ware, plastic ripped, voices in chorus tandem with the typical flash of lights on a Smartphone.

“Hey Davis.” I turn to see Miss Beverly walking up to me as I sit in the lunch room.

“What can I do for you?”

“They need you to check the printer up in the Marketing department.”

“Again uh?”

“They should replace that printer, you are probably tired of dealing with it every day.”

I consider that but I almost laugh as I realize the consequences.

“Thing about that, I am not mad, if you guys had no problem then I would have no work.”

Beverly smiles as she tries to flatten her mouth, nodding as the idea settles in her mind.

“How can someone do that….” A person voice trails off.

“I would….that man is loaded…” a strong reply from around me.

As I get up, Beverly looks behind her to peek at the TV, my eyes waver there as well. That house, from its pool overlooking the cliff, the peach colored walls, with white over tunes in its columns. The house, me and his friends were supposed to rob.

Words travel across the screen, then I saw the damning proclamation.

‘Caught in the act.’

The news reported by the woman said something along the lines of someone being in the house at the time. That someone was a minor and was shot, currently in hospital. But the police arrived quickly due to the call made to them from said minor.

My thoughts were blank on everything, I just could not think about it and did not want to.

“What a thing…” Beverly says. She turns to me as I merely walked off satisfied, not because I wanted to be right but because I was not taking that road anymore.


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