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Breaking Up

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Tired I sat on the bed, coming off my stressful day at work, one thing was on my mind. Even as I had the phone in my hand it felt weird saying it in my head. I am breaking up with him, but I just could not type it out for some reason. How long has it been, ten minutes, we were chatting for that long.

Talking about his experience at work, deploring his boss’s handling of the team project he was on. I could relate but no matter how I could relate, I still did not feel as sorry as I should have. After all, I feel out of love with him.

So I felt nothing really. Right now I was looking into space wondering how I should phrase it. Should I just come out with it? Like bluntly just type it? That could ease the pain, no one wants you to go around the bushes nowadays. Especially with relationship problems, so it was better I just say it.

His last response was…oh, great, he is asking me if we can meet for dinner. I avert my eyes briefly as I take a deep breath. When I replied to it I typed ‘I could not come’. It was sent. I wondered what he would say?

Knowing him he would insist meeting with me because he lacked anything better to cure his bad mood from work. Groaning inwardly I shake my head. It did not matter, but I cannot meet him, he will talk me back into the relationship.

No, I could not allow that. Honestly, I did not want to hurt him, he was so abnormal in behavior. I cannot be sure how he will react.

That was one thing about him, he was different from the other guys. Always there when I need him, tender and kind, he would always make time for me. He would try his best, even when he knew it was not good enough. To any woman, he would be perfect, which was the problem.

Predictable as such, he was putting in all this effort just for me. I never grew up spoilt, it was no different now. So all of that was nice but can get annoying after a while. Gnawing at my conscience I rather it not be like that.

We met like that me and him, he was working at a coffee place. He would give me the coffee free of cost out of his paycheck. His boss and coworkers must be saying he was majorly simping. I found him amusing then, he kept asking and I finally offered him a night out with me. It was nice and things grew from there and stopped. Mostly because that was all there was to it.

He was not my ideal man and I knew it. He never grew into my ideal man, he was something else entirely. He was skinny, needy, lovey-dovey and by large an emotion wreak but that had to do with his shattered past which was another problem. It always felt like I was his mother not his girlfriend.

I knew he was going to start whining and crying if need be, begging me to take him back. I rather not see it, last thing I wanted was to pity him. I already pitied him enough already.
I cannot continue this relationship any longer, pity was not true love. And besides, me and him were not really growing, it just felt like the same thing every day.

It got to me, I shiver looking around my room briefly as I look at my phone again.

Prayer emoji, he was begging me to appease him tonight. That’s it, I am ending this. So I type it out ‘I want to break up with you.’ and press send.

He reads it.

No response yet. You know what I should probably not even look at the responses. I did not care, right? Yet I could not put down the phone. Sighing I suppose I should hear him out.

A beep, I read, ‘You cannot break up with me, after all I done for you.’ He went on.

‘You selfish bitch!’

‘Who is the other man huh? I have been doing so much for your broke ass and this is the thanks I get?! I loved you, I treated you right! You know what give me back my phone then! All the clothes I bought you. I want those too!’

I pressed on the button, the screen changed as it asked me if I wanted to turn off the device I pressed on it and made it so. Good thing I did not meet him.

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