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You know the video game Heroes of Might and Magic 4? This was some dialogue I wrote for a modded storyline I was going to create myself with the map creator. I never did though but I was rummaging through my old story files and found it.

Honestly, the dialogue is cringy and I did not proofread it either. Felt like I can leave it here for your consumption, what do you think of it?


An exiled Prince who seeks retribution for his slain family and hope for a better tomorrow for his people.


A travelling missionary who hopes for the heart of man to turn to peace.


A knight who once travelled with Sandream, she was killed by the Huskani, aroused from the dead as a knight of death, she’ll chase her foes to the very end of the world.


A beautiful and deadly necromancer who looking for something but knows not what it is, she travels with this mysterious goal in mind.


Tugy started his career as a brawler, living off the power of his fists and the money he won betting on himself.  He made a name for himself as a great gladiator. He cares little for these titles and fame though, only the thrill of the fight.


Intelligent and wise, Midol is always studying and theorizing the world and magic. What he lacks in social graces, he makes for in magical knowledge and power. He wants to master every form of magic, why, no one knows. Because of his extreme study and focus on his goal of mastering magic completely, they nickname him the “Hermit”


Also known as the Twilight King, Jagnar Mandarin is the haughty ruler of Linon and one of the most powerful spellcasters alive.


Caneir: Whoa easy there, I’m flattered but all I did was open the lock.


Sandream: (Restoring composure) Yes well you are still kind. (Voice trails off, as she looks away) Something which is rare nowadays…

Caneir: Hey don’t lose heart so easily…..but how you got in this mess though if you don’t mind me asking.

Sandream: I’m a travelling missionary you see, me and my companion Lunus were heralding in Mezz. The barbarians they run the town you see, even Dagon a little distance from here. The towns are like slavery banks, they take the men and sweat them in the mines, and the females are their own private whores. No one is free, not one soul. (Tearing Up) When….the……person is……..done they drop their body at The Rock. The barbarians took offence to my presence, threw me in here. I was supposed to be married off to the King of the Husk they said… like mine shouldn’t be wasted on the floor.

Caneir: (With a grim look) Poguy ready the men, I’m going to have a talk with this individual.

Poguy: Yes sir.

Caneir: Sandream could you direct me towards these asses.

Sandream: (With a worrying smile) Language O great general, well….Mezz is directly north of us i think……..I can actually see Dagon from here down West. Their capital is Nurt, due I’m not sure where it is.

Caneir: Ok you can ride with supply, hopefully…

Sandream: No sir, i will not….

Caneir: …………I apologize… ther…

Sandream: No….it’s not you…hmm…..I want to fight, I want to help…..look I know, I don’t have much experience. But I realize, I…want to be in the fray…….to help in whichever way I can. Please let me assist.

Caneir: (You stare at her for a long time with much gravity) Can you come to grips with the idea of dying at any time. The sight and smell of dead bodies. The scream of your allies has bones shatter and flesh cleaves open, could you remain calm, in such confusion….

Sandream: (With as a much seriousness) Without any hesitation, I would fulfill my duty.

Caneir: (sigh) Fine, you can ride with us, aide the sick and downed as much as you can.

Sandream: Thank you!



It wasn’t long before we meet up with Lunus……and her undead army, we almost fought, now that I think about it, probably a good thing we brought Sandream….

Lunus: Sandream!

Sandream: Lunus you live, praise the gods.

Lunus: (Gesturing towards you suspiciously) Did these men save you?

Sandream: Yes, they did, very kind man, here meet Caneir, he’s even decided to fight the Huskani and stop their tyranny.

Caneir: You’re blowing me up too much woman!

Lunus: (Laughs Cynically) Well then, I love a good fight, plus I need revenge for Sandream’s Suffering, so I’ll join your cause.

Caneir: Indeed may our enemies feel the vigor of our might.



Every slave and undead who had suffered assembled for revenge, thinking that blood would channel their agitation into peaceful lands. In taking the Garrison we found out, the king of the Huskani was leading the battle secretly. Canol this impregnable leader was dead for lack of a better word we found his body among the rest. The barbarians on that note showed no effect, they fought to the death, it was just as well, if we had left them to their own devices they would just continue where Canol left off. A blazing heap of rubble and disgrace, they were overpowered. We offered retreat or safety under our laws, most left for the brutality of the woods, some may never make it I’m afraid. The few that stayed promised to adhere to our rule. Yes, we all would make this forest our home and cherish it, but I promised the people we would return to Serrini our homeland, but to return we would have to do it by the slit of our swords, we weren’t ready yet, but one day…

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