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Going Home

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Woman and man

Taking up the brown handbag, with its gold chains hanging off the flap that fastened the topside, I look at the time on the wall. Seven past six, that was twelve minutes too long but now that I was free I could get to my car and go home.

Settling the buff ruffle in my button up shirt, it slid tightly over my chest. I pushed in the bottom of the shirt properly and breathed out. Out of the cubicle I make short strides. Rounding Mr. Williams waving at me, I nod at him and cut across the maintenance department. Closing the door, the heat surrounded me quick. But I push through, the thunder of the heel on the smooth floor had me remember the eerily tick of the clock.

Young men, two of them behind a table with some sticks ogled me with intensity as I passed.

Yes it has been gnawing at my mind from since I came here. Such was work you wanted to not work at. Every day is was the same gnawing hit against my sanity. Walking through the narrow halls, there were two floors between me and freedom. I could count the steps if I wanted to, I was very good at counting after all.

My skills in the arithmetic were why I was employed here. Here at the tax office, a poor man’s worse enemy. Being a government employee had good benefits but i guess that wore off after a while. When did I start hating this job again?


Feet kept moving, I was used to his deep melodic call of my name. It does not throw me off, so I can just focus on the task at hand.


That was closer, crap, why did he have to see me, I avoided the usual route for a reason. The sole reason I hate working here. I twirl instantly, he stepped back from just before me.

He was close.

“Oh, whoa I was calling to you but you just,”

“Sorry I was in a hurry, I almost did not hear you.” I cut him off.

He smiled wider, great he was probably happy to think I was ignoring him. I would not give my supervisor the satisfaction. Mr. Pennell, he was not handsome but he made up for it with a very muscular tall body. Wearing his hair short, his deep eyes could see through much and slim lips reminded me of a shark, his tongue just as vicious and biting.
“It is good to see you are well,” His eyes sleekly walking the very bottom of my feet to the top of my head, but it was not my feet or head that allured his attention. It was my wide waist and my big breast. Honestly I do not get why men like it, after all I was fat. Not too fat that I cannot fit through these halls but I had a good amount of weight on me.

So I was round in the waist with slightly fat arms and legs.
Still that did not deter him. Mr. Parnell, no it appealed to him more than anyone here. So I was nothing more than a sex object to him, my face, my personality did not matter, that is what I hate the most.

“Anyways I have to go home sir,” I was turning.

“Let me walk with you.” He said to me.

I shoot a glance at him, then my eyes float to the two men at the table fitting the sticks with mops and brooms. They were relatively minding their business.

I did not answer him I just turned and kept walking. Why would he need permission, he was going to follow me anyway. Now I was on the next floor, he followed me on the stairway and I could feel his eyes on me.

Coupled with the heat, this crawling feeling settled in the back of my neck down to my lower back.

“Shana so how was your day?”

“Call me by my last name.” I dryly replied.

“Hamilton, that name is too stiff, I rather call you….” He lowered his voice and said, “Shana, you know.” He tried to be sexy but it was just uncomfortable.

“Please just call me by my last name, people looking and all these things.”

“Let them, what you think is all I care about.”

Is that so, this lying behemoth of a shit monkey. Rounding the corner, I reach the next stairway, just the ground floor and I was free. But what he said really irked me, care about my thoughts?

Sighing I stop, he stopped and made a sound as I look at him.
“You care what I think? What did I tell you months ago?”

“Be specific,” He asked with curiosity.

“I told you to leave me alone, I am not interested in you. If you cared about my thoughts you would have listened but you do not care.”

He makes a face scoffing as he went off, “What are you talking about, come on you know you were joking. You know you want me.”

“Joking I am dead serious, I do not like you.”

He wavered his head around, “Easy decrease you volume.”

“Decrease my, listen to me leave me be!”

He stares into my face hard as I step back. Whipping my head around I move to the next rail, my arm is dragged. I drift my head to stare into Pernell’s eyes. That deep darkness was present and murky indeed.

“Calm down,” He says acting innocent but I note his closeness and the bulge in his pants.

“Let me go or I will scream.”

He makes a disgusted face, well at least he stopped approaching.

I try to control my breathing. But my chest was aching from the racing pressure hitting it so bluntly.

“You serious?” My arm felt the tightening strength. Hearing his voice had my body aching I need relief I need to get out of here.

Was I serious, was he dumb, as much I do not want to make a scene I was not going to be taken for a fool.

The door opens, Mr. Pernell drifts back instantly leaving a whole lot of space. Up the stairs comes the young Operating Coordinator he was staring directly at his phone. When he reached us he greeted me with a smile as I passed him. As Pernell looked over the Operating Coordinator’s head, the young man instantly started talking to Pernell.

As I slip into the front lobby, I sighed and smiled waving at the receptionists. Out the door, I sped up my step as I know he was a man that can run quite quickly to me if I was not careful. Inside my car, I threw the bag into the next seat and turned the key.

The engine roars and I place my foot down and reverse out of my parking spot. As I drove, I see him just outside the front door staring at me leaving. Gripping the steering wheel tight, I felt empowered and scared but at least for now, for today I was going home.

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