Good and Evil

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What was in front of me? What transpired in this space limited by lush greenery that lamented and cried? Was it me at fault? Was it me?
Empty of fruit, dull trees surrounded by the darkness of lost bark, rose the spirit of trees that had left this world. Leaving only black carcasses that anyone would ignore, that excluded me. Treading among upspring of roots. Here I was, lost in a broken forest, a land of nightmare incarnate.
The death of life is so cruel and yet I walk amongst the crime. That we all commit, but we all ignore. But I had to find my way back, yet I did not know what was in front of me. A dream, a nightmare or a crime, I would like to believe neither.
Since I am but only a lost soul. Amongst lost children of the earth, the first and most sacred is dead. Sliding down a broken pathway, charred leaves spurted with force of the entry. Silent, only whispers could be heard. Whether of animals or enemies, legs shot from a position in the other direction.
Eyes wandered, from the corner of my cornea. Shadows moved, what was that? The darkness loves to toy with me it seems. Legs did not wait for confirmation or know inhibition, into any direction now. The wind trawled, everything was a blur.
A stir in my stomach ripped through me, like a salamander on fire. Douse with what could be my desire, my mind was racing. A coursing jolt, I felt nothing. Everything tumbled, spinning, I tried to grasp it. But it went by too fast.
Branches snapped, crushed and thrashing of leaves, as dust rose and felled around me. Thuds of something dull, the snapping was louder, it literally rung in my ears sharp, stinging. A heavy crashing sound, weightless, I saw a bird.
The jolt returned, from back, to hands, to legs, to face. This searing feeling filled me. Cascading, emanating, soaring like an eagle into the illuminant glare of the moon in the eminence of darkness.
I saw brightness but the vignette of darkness quickly surrounded and consumed it.
Then it stopped.
The spinning stopped, but I could see nothing. I was trying to see something, anything. But something kept the darkness there. A magic veil, maybe? It seemed to exert this pressure on my body. It was nice as it made my body convulse tentatively. Yet horrifying as the ache razed my consciousness into begging for death.
I could not rationalize it but I was sure this was not normal. To ask for death, but maybe I was already there. Only darkness I saw, only nothing comforted me. Opening, opening, it could not open, I could not open my eyes. The jolt was gone but the throbbing blaze ate my determination up.
In my mind, I was begging for death.
A sneering echo bounced in my head, I could not decipher it. The feeling I had was not conducive to thinking. Anger and frustration filled me, embraced me, like a woman you would never love.
What was around me, a forest or an enemy, maybe my future burial ground? So negative of me, to wish death on myself is a bad option at the table. But what could I do, I could not even open my eyes. The burn of my limbs kept me sane and on the edge of insanity.
No movement lost in my deluded pain. Revenge Is sweet ah? We’re both on the edge of death now. The sneer was louder, actually, it reverberated in the area near me. No, this sound was not a squeak, not a murmur but a roar. A low groaning roar of power, of intimidation, what was around me? What was in front of me?
The forest was the least of my worries, my resolve was ignited. Even though it pained me, one eye was enough only to see a black four-legged beast. What form of beast it was, I could not tell. On knowing I saw him, he barked and chattered immensely with riveting noises of grandeur.
It was a predator in front of me.
Be careful what you wish for ran through my mind. My body could only shiver, at least it would end now, at least it would end.
He roared majestically and flew to the side in tandem as something fell in front of me. Drenching me, a rain lashed into me. This flow was hard against my body, the ache was worst. But the beast got the most of it. Soaring as he was hit, voices shouting languages I could not decipher.
Clouds, my eyes were being consumed again. Languishing, I shuddered. Forcing my eye open, I saw him. A man with a face resonating a serene sentiment that stopped my shivering.
He was saying something, I could not decipher it.
Nothing, breathing out, I felt nothing was this normal? What was in front of me?
Hearing these words finally, “You will be ok.” Then I knew what was in front of me.

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