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Basking in the glory like a grand king. The memory was typical, only that could keep me up, it was this. This grand king was dangling my book in the air with sprite and candor.  In my mind, I am guessing he thought I was Magic Jordon. Bullied into a position of weakness, I was now looking at my book in Mark’s hand.

That book was the English textbook, my mother bought. Cost her four thousand dollars. I could only dream of such money. But lo and behold, I was about to let some random idiot tear that money in two right in front of my eyes.

Worry and wonder peaked my mind as I thought who was more dangerous my mother or this kid. Trying all day to avoid this monster, this beast in my class, I was. Mark only loved trouble, I was the target, he always scored a goal like he did when he played football.  The goal being, to make my life a living hell, could I run from this?

It could not be helped. I could not even yelp as my peers cheered him on. I could hear Sonia shouting at him to return my book. She was always like that, being the good one out of this delinquent bunch. One boy came up, Mark stared down at him with eyes devoid of warmth.

This boy backed away a bit I was not sure of his name. I only barely started in a new class in a new school. Things do not change, once a target always a target. But I wanted things to change and I was going to be the change. Watching his turned face, I waited for my courage to fill up. I leapt forward as his face tilted. My hand only touched air.

Grabbing the side of the table next to me, I placed my right foot on a metal beam. Pushing forward my body on his I grabbed and drag the book out of his grasp. Pushing back is what I did, dropping my leg off the beam. To see Mark tumble back, could not relish it. An Alarm was the signal, home was my calling.

Slipping my arm through the strap of my school bag I swept it up in one movement as I slipped through the tables in the back. Careening through the crowd of classmates only to hear my name being called in desperation by a fallen king, I do not stop for anybody. After slipping out the classroom, I broke into a run, this was my desperation. Home, my destination, I had no inhibition concerning that.

Deal with the consequences tomorrow I would, but for now it felt good to run with a smile on my face. Harken the conqueror of a new age.

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