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This was supposed to be back story for a Jamaican novel that I lost interest in making I might end up doing it but when I can put a cohesive plot together I will tell you. For now, enjoy this gem of a story idea or it can be junk but junk to me might be diamonds to you.

It is the year 2145, Jamaica is one of the most prominent countries in the west, but regardless it is still one of the poorest and plagued with poverty, insurrection and crime. One of its claims to fame is what they call the roots, a different species of humans that has originated only in Jamaica since 2030.

The roots have various exceptional powers that since intrigued the Jamaican government including the whole world they became an instant phenomenon, especially to international ones and military enterprises that see them as the breakthrough to super human research. They eventually became a security concern as a few used their abilities maliciously.

One group called (working on it) who were plaguing the country for months with petty crime rings, then started getting bold and brazen as they realized the army and police were ineffective and powerless against them as the group destroyed police stations, army outpost, sacking businesses and banks. It came to an head one year later when they attacked Gordon house killing many politicians including the Prime Minister at the time Sir Honorable Ashton Sanderson.
The country was in disarray and in a very fragile state for years as not even elections could be held, Andre Exo, Serona Vodnius.

They were originally hunted down, the Jamaican government at the time was pressured to capture them for the benefit of US and other allied nations under the guise of it being a safety concern for their normal human people. Russia, North korea started secretly moving to gain control of this power before the west.

Many were captured and many missing, human rights groups called for inquires into the location and status of those taken. In 2065 one of the rooted the infamous Andre Exo attacked a heavy armed installment supposedly killing 760 soldiers and injuring 2300 others. Regardless his attack revealed leaked information that the camp was actually a research camp where at least 15 roots were. They are all now deceased, data revealed cruel mistreatment and unethical testing on the individuals involved.

The companies and governments involved got worldwide scrutiny and abhorrence. In 2070 a coalition of Oriental and African nations offered to protect any roots from the evil that is the west, they sent a commissioned Chinese carrier, a South African scout ship and Iran destroyer to the Caribbean sea, The US sent a fleet to meet them, telling them to turn around. The commissioned fleet refused and a conflict broke out in the sea on October 7, 2070. All the US ships were sunk, the Iran destroyer was also sunk but the damaged scout ship and carrier still stood strong returning to the West African coast.
Africa formed its own league, the African Group of Nations (AGN) and receded from the United Nations citing widespread corruption and favoritism to American ideals, ever since relations has been cold between the west and east leagues. As the years passed the Rooted became a distant memory, even though research into Rooted genes continued no one could discover and gain the silver bullet to replicate their abilities. There were only three rooted left in the world, Andre Exo, Janoy Williams and Serona Vodnius. Exo is wanted and location is unknown, Janoy and Serona live in the east away from Jamaica’s political turmoil.

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Share please and thanks in advance!

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