Pieces of Savion

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This is a steampunk story idea that is part of much larger story series. Honestly I might just keep this separate as this story could easily stand on its own.

It is the year 2867, thus begins Savion’s journey into Prominence, towards the destiny unbeknownst to him. While ARCH fight the Crimson on the edge of the Bunturdy country, Prominence flourishes, the advancement of technology threatens the once prevalent labor of non-branded citizens in Prominence and a new enemy out of the depths of the forest arises. Savion must conquer and survive his plight and control the wheel of fate that spins in turmoil.
Savion has been recruited to serve as a runner for Prominence while having no love for the city and its affiliation with ARCH. He has little choice as the only other option is starvation and death, the city’s wealth is vast, but only the lucky and clever win the price, the masses eat the dirt on which the rich walk. Will Savion gain this price, is yet to be figured as he must survive his job which would kill seemingly greater men with ease.

Lolain was disowned by her father the Grand Chancellor after she made disparaging remarks towards a member of the Oligarch, who wanted Lolain executed and quartered as punishment. Her father approved of this but her mother begged for reprieve. It was agreed Lolain Stalwart be sent to Prominence in service to Premier Xiancor Algriso the member’s brother as penance. She finds herself alone in a city that reflects all that she hated about Earthbound the city she was born in, as intelligent as she was; she can’t seem to escape her status and destiny. She looks to the sky every night hoping somewhere there is more to her future than this.

Savion’s first day in prominence, involves the extensive evaluation of his physique and health. They check his body, take blood samples and put him through a stress test. Those that pass didn’t he noted with some discomfort were turned away. A lot of people were denied, especially the old and weak that were of no use to City officials and automatically turned away. A small amount didn’t want to go back starting a wave of beseeching from the forsaken. This was handled with little tolerance by the White Rock guards, which battered them with air cannons and physically pushed them out of the city. When the wind died, a couple dozen including Savion were left out of the hundreds that swarmed here for some glimmer of hope.


Classes and Jobs

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Share please and thanks in advance!

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