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Rod of Light

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My mother was going to kill me, it was definite but no matter how many times I shouted it to myself it never eased my worry. Looking at the glass many thoughts ran through my mind as did the many seconds that whisked away. I needed to do something, anything, time was moving but what could I do? The fact was that I could not fix this.

I was no glass technician I could not fix glass, wait could I still fix it in time, she was not here yet. The rumbling thoughts collided like a neutron star as I stepped back, twisting and twiddling my fingers. I stared at the tablet screen and calmed down finally giving in to my despair. This was pointless I was dead when my mother returned, I clutched my fist and shuddered. The thought was not bearable or calming. My mother would soon return I had to do something.

I heard the sound of Garfield shouting outside, I wondered if they were going to play ball, blast I was supposed to be with them. Not in here, not worrying like a man on death row, if my mother had not saw me leaving and stopped me I would not be in here, I would not have touched the tablet out of boredom. It was not suppose to be like this.

I moved out of the kitchen and sat on the couch in my living room, staring at the pristine glass of the flat screen TV, my mind drifted into the abyss of the black space that stared at me. As the thoughts gravitated around in my mind. Wait, what if the tablet dropped due to gravity, no that will not work I took the tablet off her bed, the middle of her bed. That is a long way to the edge of the bed to the ground. She would remember that and get even get more angry with me for lying.

Could I fake a robbery? I mean that stuff happens often enough, But that would mean things would have to be missing. Even better, I can probably hide the tablet, what else would the robbers take, the TV maybe, I knew where my mother keeps her jewelry so I can get rid of that. What else, microwave in the kitchen, speakers in my father’s room, laptop in my mother’s room, I think. That old computer in my room. It would be a pain to go without that old piece of junk for a while, but this was life or death it had to go.

The boys were making a lot of noise outside, I could hear Vanessa’s voice shouting. I realized something how could I set such a lie in motion with so many possible future witnesses to such a crime outside, where would I even get rid of the stuff in the first place?

Blast this plan would not work either, my mother only went across the road to the second avenue, with such a short time slot and everything else only god-like thieves could pull off such an Italian job.  Movies were a lie, damn them and their lying stories.

Damn time was running away, as I stared into the dark glossy screen of the TV, an empty space, my body felt at ease. The flow of something surrounded me or was I imagining things? What I felt was soft but hard, spinning in the darkness of my mind, my idea of it was probably not sound. But I soon felt it very heavy on my shoulder it pushed me and spun me, my thoughts became chaotic and distorted. It gripped me firmly now.


The voice shattered my thoughts and shouted away the darkness, the shadows fled revealing light. But as my eyes opened slowly to the vivid color of house, the calmness of the voice was a silent dread on my soul.

“Were you sleeping?”

Her hand moved back off my shoulder, the answer was on the tip of my tongue but It was like I forgot how to speak. She did not wait for an answer and moved around the large couch, looking back at me with her playful eyes. That was going to be the last time I would see those eyes again, I was sure. The tablet PC was on the porcelain counter of the kitchen and that was where she was heading, taking the living room entrance.

She was out of sight now, only sound and patience guided me to the future. The resounding echo of her steps was like time ticking away, every step closer to my end.  She told me countless times not to touch her tablet, I always found a way to steal away a chance to get a couple minutes on it. Play a game or two, had fun doing that, check though her messages, gotten a laugh from that sometimes.

This was no laughing matter and it was not going to be fun. I am the biggest idiot this side of my own universe why did I not just listen and heed my mother’s warning. She said it like it was an omen “Do not touch it, me know you will break it” She knew, she knew, a mother always knows. I should know better and do better.


Well guess that was my call, I stood up and with as much resolve I could muster I walked straight and firm into the light out from the darkness that I knew I would never step into again.


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