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Smile First

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“Hey Odane you see my history book?”

He looked at me, Sophia was just behind him looking for something in her bag. He tilted his head, then his eyes shifted around me. “Well…”

I sigh, “I had it on my desk a while ago.”

He was still not staring at me, “I suppose that is odd.”


“You check your bag?” A feminine voice encroached on our discussion, well at least I considered it one. I shifted my head to see Amelia. Her bright smiling face was just too much for my rather dreary mood.

I needed that book.

“I already checked it.”

Sophia chips in, “Looks like you might have lost it then.”


Almost every eye peeked a look at me. It could be assumed I had gone mad. Well I was mad with fury. I had history class soon, we usually do exercises out of the book. I knew I was going to get scolded by the teacher. The fact that I lost that book was bad enough, my mother will unleash her fury on me if she finds out.

I need to find that book. Odane left my side and proceeded to walk outside. Amelia was trying to calm me down as I frantically scour the ground for it. The ground, I had already searched it. Yet I was doing it again, to make sure maybe?

My head hurts. It was like fighting the fury in my head if that was possible.

“I am sure you will find it.” Amelia said. I look at her, then I whip my head around widely. No matter how I slice it, I could not deny there was only one card left to call.

“Who took it?”

The eyes came on me again, this time with a bit of disdain and wonder. Amelia stopped smiling, her worried face as she looked at me.

“No one going to answer me?”

“You probably left it?” A voice said.

“Who? Left what, I took out it just a while ago. Someone must have seen who took it.”

It was not the whole class here but seven people minus Odane. Corner of my eye, I notice Reilly getting up leaving with his school bag in hand.

“You, show me your bag!” I pointed at Reilly, who scrawled at me.

“What!? No, you worthless to lose your book, but I do not have it.”

“Show me your bag.”


I approached him, Reilly pushes the chair under the table to his side into me. I rebuff the hit, and was about to push through to get to him. I feel a tightness on my arm, then a tug. Unstable, I almost got drawn back.

I look to see Amelia, “Let…” Amelia came before me and laid her hand in the air in front of Reilly.

“Please, I am sure no one stole your book. Think Alex, everyone in this class has their personal book. There would be no reason for anyone to take it.”

I grunt, averting my eyes.

She continued, “So let us keep looking, I am sure it is somewhere in here.”

“No it wasn’t.” Odane returns with a book in hand. He hands it to me. It was my history book.

“Odane, I asked you and you really,”

“Wasn’t me, Carl had it.” Odane answered quickly.


“Carl was showing his friend something, so he took it up and went outside to parade around with your book. He was going to bring it back.”

“But you saw tha,”

“No man, I did not, I do not think anyone did saw him. Otherwise just to shut you up we would have just pointed outside and say, look Carl had it! I just had this feeling, because I was looking at him with the book from here.”

Odane shrugs and steps away. I open my mouth but decide best to let it go. Reilly continues leaving. My eyes watch him go. By the time everybody focuses back on their school life, Amelia was back at her desk sitting. Sighing, I walk to her seat, she looks up slightly perturbed to see me there.

“Thanks, I…”

She slaps my hands and says, “Do not worry about it!” with that sunny side up smile that melts ice mountains.

Share please and thanks in advance!

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