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Stepping lightly as if the sun was chasing me, it’s eyes shining on me. Wading my curious sight on every stall, hands prostrating earth’s delights. But I wanted to see, I wanted to go see more. But she always kept me close to her colored skirt. Thick pressure saturated the air assaulting my nose and washing it of all stress. Relief swept me I wanted to walk, run, surge down the various alleys. Flanked by a different person, my mother kept me on one path and I was directed and pulled eagerly with no hesitation unless she saw something she liked.
And boy did she like many of them. She was excited at many of them, from those shaped round and big. Some were round and small, but numerous and gathered in large bunches. Round but tapering at the end, large with spots, rugged and covered with spikes, there was one that had a rough brown skin with a yellow flat top.
There was so much variety. It was unreal. It was like a wonderland. Voices, weak ones, strong ones, piercing ones, they bellowed and overloaded my ears with so much. I looked across, from the sweet arousing punch to my face, I had to stop. My hand feels the tug as my mother was not feeling in the mood to stop. Mother kept me on my toes when I got too interested. I need to see more, but she only wanted me to see what she wanted to see. She brought me around, chasing the things she desired. A man flashed this orange colored round one, I wanted to hold it.
A pain singes my hand, withdrawing it. She looked down at me and said something, wagging her finger at me. I looked away, how could she? I wanted to touch it. Along the blanket, a purple thing, it looked so smooth. It was not as round as it was shiny, but it was large regardless. I ponder the weigh compared to others. Staring over it, I could see someone in a flash of white. Was someone trapped in there was that possible? I took it up and moved my head closer. I see nothing. Was there not someone there? Strange, this one must be special, I must show this to my mother.
Shooting my eyes up I could see a variety of people. Women, men, other children some taller, some smaller, wishing to myself that I could be as tall as them. Maybe then I would not get bossed around, still, where was mother?
Rotating it, I still could not see the person. Sighing I look around and still could not find my mother. Arms drooping downward, I get anxious. Where do I go from here? Fidgeting I move with the flow of the people and instantly I find myself stepping on something.
Jumping back, someone shouted at me, she was sitting and tried getting up. Her mouth moved I could only make out some words but It seems I did something wrong. Looking down, oh yes I stepped on a plant, its leaves were long and very green. The bottom of which ended in a white round bulb.
The person was wagging their finger at me, no, was she, where was mother? This was not how it was supposed to be.
People looked at me and the woman stepped back almost as if frightened. I looked back at everyone. Something swept around my body and I felt weightless. Before I know it, I see the angry face of my mother.
This was not good, I smile, the face remains, I frown. Guess I was getting In trouble either way. Mother calmed down the other lady and with much rigor took my special purple one. Before we know it we reach back to the same person who had originally have the special one. It was given back and I was not happy.
We left the wonderland soon after. Being in her arms I almost fell asleep. But before I get whisked away by the dark people, I just had to watch the wonder from behind my mother’s treading steps. To see the majestic place where things so special and splendid could taste so good on my tongue, I can’t wait to come again.

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