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cleaning room
I took it up, it seemed typical. Simple was what I described to the dark brown faced store employee. The cleaning mop I held would do its job. With a slender pole that felt flimsy and the round head which thick strings of fabric slithered from, it was a simple mop.

But my mind was on the mop elevated off the ground. Beside a brightly designed placard shouting ten percent off, was not a simple mop. It was a Housen Zaplean Mop, a mop with a fancy name and probably high goal that many other mops could never muster up to.

With its red pole, soft covering for grip at the top and along the side, my hands twiddled at the thought of touching it. It did not have those string heads, but a flat square head which had a thickish paper situated on the bottom.

A thunder struck down at its feet as the other mops feel down but it stood firm like a shivering wind before a God. Oh, A child, her, was it a girl looked more like a boy now that I think about it.

The mother came out of nowhere and started helping the strong employee to place the fallen mops back to standing position.

Commercials I have seen of this brand, though I cringed as this type would have me buying a replacement head often. With this package I would get 5 placement heads and ten percent off the price to boot.

It was not like I was broke, but we all have expense we try to cut. This did not seem like an expense worth taking on.

My feet were becoming tired. The employee noticed my conundrum in time.

“You like this mop miss?” Wavering his hand towards the Zaplean Mop.

My awkward silence answered that question.

“The Zaplean Mop is a great cleaning mop, it not only cleans, it sanitizes also.”


“Yes it has chemicals that kill germs, unlike a normal mop that just spreads it round. Your child can eat right off the floor like it was a plate with this sanitizing power”

That was understandable, a real germ cleanser. We are all seeking a home to be proud of. Activate the cleanser, the thickest of jungles and the cities it will destroy.  That serene marble floor is what we seek, the inhabitants will perish at its hand. Then we can take over the marble surface with relish.



The employee looked at me with a knowing smile. My mind wondered again, I wonder what expressions and madness was presented on my face during the interim. Anyways, I lifted the simple mop I had and grimaced.

“Give me the Zaplean Mop, take this mop back.” The employee smiled as I wondered the future expense for the benefit of sanitizing. Hell simple was overrated anyway.

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