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The Path

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The darkness amid blinking light oversees my vigorous heart thumping excise. I look ahead of me and wonder if i am dreaming. Maybe i partly wanted to make sure i was. At least i can wake up from this nightmare.

But i sped up keeping eyes direct and lucid. The air diffusing on tow with the inrushing air, the complex came within my sight. I turned down the lane and slowed the car to a crawl. Their general location I already had but I kept my eyes peeled. Last thing I need is for them to see me coming.

The lights from high places litter the lot. Catching the shapes of a few people, I focus on each but my eyes kept on moving. The houses a dim resemblance of their bright selves, my eyes centered. Quickly I looked away, as one of them looked my way. He should expect nothing though I did not look the part, not like these boneheads.

Hopefully I can get out of this without resorting to sleeping in the boondocks. Still, I found the target. I break and slow up to the curve. They were far and not so far, I grabbed my piece.
Three guys, one was short with cornrows. The others were the target.

Taller, one was clean cut looking no one would suspect him of a crime and yet he did so many in his black dress pants and plain white shirt.
The next one was the most important. More lighter skinned he had on a skull cap, jeans and a black shirt with brown splatter art. Wading my eyes from them, no one was nearby, they were standing close to a vending machine so I was wondering how I should approach.

Looking ahead, I could drive by and while I am turning left pop on them. A simple driveby, the problem might be if they catch a whiff of what I am planning. Right now just sitting here, they can see me looking down. Like maybe I was looking for something, when I was really just checking the Mac Ten and making sure it ain’t on safety.

I cannot fail to kill these two guys. There was nothing more to be said, they had to die today. I failed the last time due to something happening close by. So there was too much heat to go throwing a raw fish into that pot.

Best option was to go in and kill them on spot. I still had my pistol if I wanted to be accurate. But honestly, they were lumped together, talking and having a last laugh before they reach the graves. The Mac Ten was better.

Hiding the gun under my jacket, I exit the car and walk quite casually towards them. The clean cut one stared in my direction, as the others were talking and laughing. As I slip my hand into my jacket, I see him staring more intently.

Laughter, high pitched, I look downward to my left. A child was behind them, the shorter one noticed, actually she said something to him and he waves at her.

“Yo, Maria you’re mother good?”

She makes this gesture as if she stomping like a queen, I stop. Slipping out my hand a wallet, the clean cut one finally shifted his eyes to his short friend. Making my way to the right of him, I reach behind them and bring out a dollar.

The girl was groaning as she stared at the machine. She got frustrated and made noises to portray it emphatically.

“Yo Maria, the machine giving trouble again?”

She turned, “Ya…” She said with no power in her voice, she did kick it though not that it dent it. “Might be stuck…”

“Hey John you fixed it last time right?”

“Nah man that was Trevor.”

“Man… that landlord need to spend money and fix things around here.”

Looking around, I stiffen, all three of the guys were directly behind me looking at the vending machine with relative curiosity.

“Wait let me try something,” The dude in the skull cap dropped to stoop and slid his hand up the bottom entrance. I hear a clanking sound, the bottle of soda drops down. But that was it, it did not came out or anything.

He starts scratching his skullcap.

I position myself to the right and hit the beverage machine with a kick. The whirring screech unsettled me for a second before I saw the soda came out.

“Ah, there we go!”

The girl grabbed the soda and ran off. I feel a dull slap on my back as the clean cut man with a shorter one looks me in the face.

“Nicely done,”

I nod at him with a wry smile. My eyes waver staring at her back before I realize I still have my wallet out.

“See sometimes you have just hit the bitch to get her throwing it out…”

I ignore the sick jokes as I consider whether now would be a good time, no, why am I thinking of this? I slip my hand inside my jacket.

I felt a heavy tug on my leg. Staring down, I see the girl hugging my very leg.

“Thanks mister.”

At a loss for words I only nod. She runs off again.
Great another ruined opportunity, screw this. I place my money in and grab a fruit juice for myself. No kick needed, I turn to leave. A car drives in, my shoulders drop. A police car, I almost laugh. It passed me and them too as neither crossed paths.

Sitting back down in my car I look out at them. Breathing out I decide to let it go. I will tell the guys police were lurking, they cannot say I was lying. As if God would give me a chance to.

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