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Slipping in between two people,he accidentally bumped into one of them gaining a daring stare in his direction. Quickly in twirl, he bowed and mouthed off an apology. He navigated his way to the receptionist desk.

“Good Morning.”

“The name is Mr. Augustus, I have an appointment with Ben Wilson for, two o’clock.”

“Ok, hold on.” She made her call and when she was done she told him to have a seat and that he will call him up soon.

So he made his way to the seats lumped up next to the wall. Keeping his cool, he breathed in regularly to calm the nerves. It was not like he had not done this before. But Mr. Wilson was a different target fro his other ones.

He was not the usual suspect like the others. The CEO of the biggest Computer Chip maker, he was the biggest fish Augustus ever went after. Also Wilson was already a member of his rival. So Augustus came here to steal him from the competition essentially. It will not be easy and naturally everything could go wrong and be his end.

His boss won’t save him if he fails. If he fails he is on his own.
“Mr. Augustus?”

With that he got up, nervous he decided he needed to put on a strong front. If anything It was pointless to turn back, it was now or never. With the path secured in memory, he took the directions given and found the office easily enough showing before him, Ben Wilson.

A man, with slightly grey strains on the side of his head, his eyes were a dreary gray. He sat upright and stared at Augustus boldly. The suit was dark and buttoned up, almost black with a white dress shirt. Wilson did not stand, with left hand he gestured towards the chair opposite him.

Taking the cue, Augustus sat down.

Mr. Wilson kept up the blank stare and did not immediately start. Augustus decided he would take the lead.

“Mr. Wilson it is good to meet you. Now I know we talked on the phone and naturally I would like to continue the discussion further giving you pert details to entice you onto our plan for you and your whole family.”

“My whole family?” he asked abruptly.

“Why yes, of course. You see the difference between us and your previous benefactors was simply a matter of who benefits. As you know whenever we sign on with them the effects are immediate and future gains come slowly as is natural to the world. But your death cancels those benefits. It is a sad truth that even you know.”

He shrugged.

“Well what we can do is that even when you have perished, your family can gain not only your wealth but the same luck you have been given.”

His eyes widened at that, Augustus really felt like he got him interested now.

“That is not all, we are more friendlier as you can leave the deal at any time. The benefits will end of course but all benefits before will be yours to keep. We will not try to take away the good we done for you. After all you have done much for us be offering all your heart and soul. It is the same in business workers at the bottom of the pyramid work and never feel safe about all that they worked for. Even now, you are technically at the bottom of the pyramid among your brothers in arms, are you not?”

He leaned back as Augustus spat out truth, words that feed his soul.

“Your brothers would easily gut you and leave you for dead, it is a business. And there are no friends in business. Am I right good sir?”

Wilson chuckled, “Ain’t that the truth.”

“Exactly my brother, so think of it like this. We help you succeed and make sure you continue that success even when you are under the earth.”

Wilson threw out his hand, “Hold on, but how do you benefit from that? I mean you will be making all this happen for my children and my children’s children but they won’t be in a deal with you.”

“Ah but that is how we benefit. You see if you stay with us, the children will benefit and grow within our network, that benefit is a long term one but trust me my bosses know more than those fellows you been working with. Its all about the quality of the result not just the multitude. Your children will never be tied down after all they can end it anytime. We are trying to build generational power to shape this world. This is where we will succeed and they will fail. I am sure you want to be on the winning team. We are the winning team.”

Wilson nodded his head with a foolish smirk on his face, his eyes drifting further upward. “You know what, I like it, I want to it. When do we get started?”

“Today of course, I already have the contract.”

He took it out and laid it before him. He seemed excited at the prospect.

“Oh before I forget, signing that means you soul belongs to us until you end it.”

“The illuminati will they come after me?”

Augustus could care less about that. But they had to protect him. What they cared about was the essence of his soul that would be sucked dry, if Illuminati came for him at death bed there would be no soul left to give them power. So protecting him was paramount.

Augustus will not mention that though, a simple misleading fact will do.

“Of course not, those idiots cannot cross a contract signed off by the source demon. Remember you have to die for them to collect it. This deal nullifies that. Since the remnant of your soul will go in limbo if you die with this deal intact. Which means you can have hopes to go to heaven. Relax sign away your worries, we will protect you as long as you are with us.”

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